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Juvenile Cases

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal Charges of wire fraud and money laundering (nearly  2.9 million dollar ponzi scheme)
Result = NOT GUILTY on All Charges by jury verdict

Federal Drug Traffiking
Result = Sentence reduced 18 months lower than minimum federal guideline recommendation.

Aggravated Assault(2nd Degree Felony)
Result = Disorderly Conduct (Infraction)

New DUI charges with multiply prior DUIs
Result = Complete Dismissal

Domestic Violence in the Presence of a Child
Result = Dismissed

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Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Result = NOT GUILTY by jury verdict

Result = NOT GUILTY by jury verdict
Domestic Violence Assault w/firearm
Result = Dismissed

Domestic Violence

in the Presents of a Child
Result = Dismissed

Assault Charge
Result = Dismissed

Violation of Protective Order
Result = Dismissed

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White Collar


"I think Ed Jones saved my son from life in prison."

Tina Binkerd as quoted

in the Salt Lake Tribune

Drug Charges

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The Law Office of J. Edward Jones is dedicated to 100% Criminal Defense. With over 20 years of  experience exclusively in the area of Criminal Law, Ed Jones is the best criminal defense lawyer and DUI defense lawyer. He is highly respected in Federal and State Criminal courts as a experienced and successful trial attorney, with a solid knowledge of the law, who aggressively defends his clients. 

As a former prosecutor, Ed Jones understands the way the other side works, and knows how to beat them.

Aggravated Murder Arrest
Result = NOT GUILTY by jury verdict

Result = NOT GUILTY by Bench Trial

Possession of Controlled Substance, Paraphernalia, and Open Container
Result = Dismissed

Felony Violation of Restraining Order
Result =  Dismissal

Result =  Won at Suppression Hearing - Complete Dismissal

He has a great working relationship with Judges and prosecutors in all courts, being recognized as a skilled defense lawyer.  Whether you are arrested on felony DUI charges, charges of Reckless Driving or Drug Possession, from Traffic Citations to Robbery, Attorney Ed Jones will  get you the best possible outcome, no matter how bad your case may be. Call now for a free 30 minutes initial consultation.

Choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference in the result of your case.Call Attorney J. Edward Jones to get the very best.

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