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How Can A DUI Effect Me?

DUI and traffic charges can dramatically change your life and livelihood. Loosing your driving privileges makes it challenging to keep employment.

A DUI arrest is a serious charge which could result in the loss of your driver's license, thousands of dollars in court fines, the loss of your job, time in jail or even prison. A DUI conviction also acts as a prior, meaning that if you get a second or third DUI conviction, the penalties are drastically worse.

Any of the following can severely impact the results of tests conducted during a typical DUI arrest. For instance:

Breath-testing machines often give false readings.
Police car lights can create nausea and disorientation.
Medications can cause side effects that resemble intoxication.
The pitch of the road can impair your balance while doing balance tests.

With a DUI on your record the following are possibilities:

license suspended or revoked
insurance premiums to skyrocket
be fired from your job
go to Jail or Prison
cost you thousand of dollars in fines
lose your family
possibly cost the life of others

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