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DUI and Domestic Violence Convictions
Result - Complete Expungement - CLEAN RECORD.


DUI with multiple priors
  - Result - Dismissed

DUI with prior alcohol restricted license
  - Result - charges dropped

Child endangerment
 - Result - Dismissed

Domestic Violence Child Abuse
- Result - Dismissed

Federal Charges

4 counts of interstate transportation of money, wire fraud, and money laundering
  - Result - NOT GUILTY on all counts by jury verdict

Federal Drug Trafficing 
 - Result - Sentence reduced 18 months lower than minimum federal guideline recommendation.


The People v. Barriga
Conviction: REVERSED

The People v. Smith
Conviction: REVERSED

Juvenile Cases

Thief 2 Felonies &

15 Misdemeanors
  - Result - *Plea in abeyance to 1 Felony & 3 weekends in the Hall

Auto Burglary & Forgery
  - Result - *Plea in abeyance

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Recent Victories


-Result - NOT GUILTY by jury verdict

 - Result - NOT GUILTY by jury verdict
Domestic Violence

Assault w/firearm
 - Result - Dismissed

Domestic Violence

in the Presents of a Child
 - Result - Dismissed

Assault Charge
 - Result - Dismissed

Violation of Protective Order
 - Result - Dismissed

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